Our "BEE" Program



At BEE HAPPY, we understand and accept that each child has a strong sense of identity. We promote children to have a strong sense of who they are and the connectedness to others.



At BEE HAPPY, we offer a customised two-week menu plan that is designed for each individual dietary requirement while providing the right balance of foods that children need each day for optimal growth and development. 



At BEE HAPPY, we work closely with other professionals and provide various of learning resources and equipments to support children to explore and develop their fine motor and gross motor skills.



At BEE HAPPY, we offer a daily school readiness program that embeds children's interest. Children have the access to technology which helps support their essential skills for school both academically and socially, to allow a smooth transition into school.



At BEE HAPPY, we offer various learning resources such as a music program to create a learning environment which enhances children's self-esteem, communication and confidence. 

 We encourage and assist children to explore their expressive and artistic side.



At BEE HAPPY, we are inspired by the Reggio Emilia approach and we believe that the environment is the "Third Teacher' . 

We designed a sustainable learning environment to encourage our future generation to connect and contribute to their world.