Centre operating hours are 7:30am-6pm Monday to Friday. We create engaging and inviting environments and cater care for children from 6 weeks to under 6- years old. The home-like atmosphere supports the children's growth and development, and fosters meaningful relationships from within the local community.

About Us


Why Bee Happy?

At Bee Happy, we create a home-like and comfortable environment to allow the children to feel safe, secure and supported.

Educators thrive to make genuine connections to children's emotional well-being, whilst building trusting relationships.

We value each individual child as an independent and capable learner.

Bee Happy has strong correlation with the local schools in the area.


Unique "BEE" Program.

At Bee Happy, we provide a unique "BEE" program which will assist children to learn, thrive and grow.


We Provide

Passionate educators who truely value each child as an individual, who thrive to develop each child's strengths, interests and abilities.

Customised menu to meet each child's dietary requirements.

A unique "BEE" Program.

Inviting learning resources and supplies for the children.

Inclusive environments for each individual child's learning development.

Leading School readiness program in the community.

Sustainable environments for our future generation.